Betrayal of Blood

I mean, let's be honest, Wyrmrest Accord is full of sensational RP Guilds! GMs everywhere are inventing complex storylines for members to partake in, but are they right for you? Typically characters are forced into specific roles as to not 'disrupt' the course of events that have been pre-determined. Where does this leave you? In an un-creative and un-inspired environment where those who are imaginative are controlled causing bland backstories, insufficient excitement and a lack of real character development. 

I promise to personally assist my members with their characters growth. I want everyone to feel as if what they do truly does make a difference! Have an idea for an event? Let me know! I'd be thrilled to help your story come to life.  

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This is the story of Lord Silverblood's descent into madness.

Betrayal of Blood is a Heavy RP Guild centered around the belief no one can ever be trusted. Deceit waits beyond every twist and turn. Will you fall into these dark games or take a stance against such evil intent?

All character types are welcomed! Member responsibility ranges from handling lucrative business deals within the walls of SMC, to assassinations, dealing with conflict between rival Houses, and throwing the occasional Dinner Party. Guild ranking is based off of a hierarchy system. Please view the Forums "General Information>Rank" for additional information.

There are many mature, as well as dark themes within this storyline, so discretion is advised. 

Events: Scheduled Weekly, typically Fridays and Saturdays in the evening. 
Roleplay: Found Daily, typically at random times throughout the day.


"Are you ready to come out of there, my pet?"

The frail woman began to tremble as his sinister tone echoed through the pitch black room. The midnight air reeked of mildew and bile. She'd strain, glaring into the darkness for some sort of figure. A flame would unexpectedly ignite before her eyes, illuminating two emerald hues fixed upon her form. 

"Well? Come, come...they've prepared a feast for us upstairs, one truly fit for a queen." He'd chuckle.

She'd extend a dainty hand in his direct which he'd accept, leading her along the narrow passage into the banquet hall. The piercing light would cause the female to shield her eyes having been in the shadows for far to long. Her golden hair was matted and porcelain skin covered with muck. Bones protruded from ever inch of her being. 

"Please, Devina, have a seat. EAT!" Lord Silverblood would demand.

She'd quickly do as he commanded, to fearful to disobey...

~ How did I end up here? Could this really be my fate? ~

Before the Invasion of the Scourge on Quel'Thalas, House Silverblood was a
well-respected noble family residing near Fairbreeze Village. Lord Sala'Thar Silverblood was a powerful mage and popular political figure within the elven community. He'd marry into House Everbloom, claiming not only the fair maiden Analia, but her riches as well. The two combine, Lord and Lady Silverblood were able to grow a solid militia and stable court. 

Within a few years, Lady Analia would birth her first and only child. The baby boy would appear a mosterous sight, with deformed features and eyes which shone a sickly white hue. The quiet little creature had cost Lady Analia her life, his father casting him aside for the burden he had caused their family. The House Maid would send away the child, a secret now to be kept.

Lord Silverblood's mind and body would deteriorate in the years that would follow such awful events. A powerful hatred engulfed the mans heart, images of the frail babe haunting his every thought. He vowed to punish the weak of the world for sucking the life from those around them, just as his own son had done to his beautiful bride.

"What are you thinking, my lovely?" 

Her attention would snap back towards the man, empty hues staring back.

"Wh-what do you want from me?..." She'd mutter.

"Haha! It is very simply, my dear. A companion. Do not be bitter about the cage now... It was merely to test your strength. You succeeded."

"Succeeded?" The girl would swallow hard.

"You are alive aren't you?" A crocked smile curled over his lips.

She'd flash a smile towards the brawny male.

"Some are invited from members within. Some come looking for adventure, power, name it. Some have no place to go. Others..." She'd grin. "Others have no choice in the matter; and they are the lucky ones."

Lord Silverblood has finally begun to reassemble his once mighty ranks. He feels it is important to re-establish a substantial social presence within SMC and surrounding areas. To do this, Commander Devina Ebonvale is currently recruiting anyone who is willing to serve House Silverblood. This includes: Scouts (Assassins), Champions (Guards), Healers (Medics), Scholars, Nobles, and Servants (Cooks, Bards).  

Remember ~ Darkness lies within. 
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